Makkah’s Grand Mosque expansion

Makkah's Grand Mosque expansion

The grand mosque of Makkah is the holiest site for Muslims. This is where Muslims come to perform Umrah and Hajj. Both the holy mosques of Madinah and Makkah are been taken care by the Saudi government. These days the Holy Mosque of Makkah is going through a major expansion phase. Grand Mosque expansion: The … Read more

Dubai Shopping Festival Packages 2015

Dubai Shopping Festival Packages 2015

Its the 20th anniversary  in 2015, its the largest shopping festival in Middle East. Attracts visitors from all over the globe, Dubai Shopping festival hit Dubai’s calender each year with large variety of promotions, events and activities. From shows and musical, international concerts, to sports, fashion, and outdoor events, Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) involve every … Read more

Flight Connection Introduces Arab Health 2015 Packages

Arab Health 2015

Healthcare conference and exhibition in Middle East which first held in Dubai, UAE 1975. In which all the healthcare representatives attend the exhibition from Middle East, US, Europe and Asia. Are you planning to attend Arab Health Exibition 2015 to Dubai, if yes then check out our latest packages. Arab Health 5 Star Package: Package … Read more

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